The Mountains are Calling


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Private Trips

Perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or girl's trip! You and your guests will be the only clients on private outings. Check out our amazing GROUP DISCOUNTS below. 

PUBlic trips

Our most affordable option! These outings are open to the public. You will share your hiking experience and campsite with others but all spa treatments are given in privacy.   


"Amazing massage! Smooth transition from gentle touch to deep muscle work. I highly recommend Ascend Adventure Wellness for your next massage!"

"A complete massage based on my goals for the session, and remembered injuries I made her aware of...Highly recommended."

"Knows how to combine gentleness and strength. My session...was utterly relaxing, and I look forward to more!"

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Our Unique Adventure Menu 

Prices below are per person. Limited Space Available.



Essential Sanctuary

Your inward journey begins, guided by our experienced staff, to explore the natural landscape through a hike in the national forest. Transported to our outdoor spa, discover nature as essential sanctuary. Surrender to the soothing sounds of birds as you lounge, reading in the sunshine, after cleansing in our private outdoor shower. Using a soft, intuitive touch, your therapist will customize your massage to ensure deep transformation. This unforgettable experience will be sure to soothe the body and energize the mind.

Details: destination hike and 60-minute custom massage   

Private 250 Public 169


Enhanced Serenity

Combining the restorative experience of the essential sanctuary package, enhanced serenity takes a step further towards sublime surrender. Indulge the senses in the healing power of aromatherapy. Balance and tranquility await through the stimulating experience of your aromatic blend. Let the feeling of wellbeing encompass you as the oils absorb deep into your skin while your muscle tension melts away. The mountains are calling to embrace you in an extravagant cocoon for the exploration of your senses.

Details: destination hike, 75-minute integrative massage and custom aromatherapy blend

Private $ 310  Public $ 189


Platinum Renewal

Experience ultimate harmony through the decadence of nurturing mind, body and soul. This pinnacle blissful journey is our paramount transcendent package. Sea salt and Lavender soothe through our ultimate foot scrub, followed by silky body butter applied luxuriously. Drift on a cloud for the senses through organic aromatic essential oils. Ascend inward through the rhythmic stokes of integrative massage blended together to enhance relaxation and balance the body. 

Details: destination hike, sea salt and lavender foot scrub, aromatherapy, 90-minute massage

Private $ 395 Public $ 219

PRivate Group Discounts

Prices below are per person. To receive these great discounts call us at 828.747.9917 for booking.

Essential Sanctuary destination hike, access to our outdoor spa and a 60-minute custom massage  

Number of Participants Price per Person
1 250
2 209
4 169
6 109

Enhanced Serenity  destination hike, 75-minute integrative massage and custom aromatherapy blend

Number of Participants Price per Person
1 310
2 229
4 189
6 139

Platinum Renewal destination hike, sea salt and lavender foot scrub, aromatherapy, 90-minute massage

Number of Participants Price per Person
1 395
2 249
4 209
6 169